FRP pultrusion mould

38CrMoAl nitriding pultrusion moulds
Material performance:
After nitriding, this material has high inner strength and surface hardness. It has supreme abrasion resistance and antifatigue. It’s fit for producing pultrusion moulds with high abrasion resistance , high antifatigue and fine finish. This mould is a recommended mould for making window materials and special profiles. It can make moulds with hardness over HRC-62 and can successfully make over 200 thousand metres’ products. It’s harder、demanding、time&money wasting to make the pultrusion moulds with this kind of materials. This material is fit for making high quality,small-mouth and complex section pultrusion moulds. It’s also the first choice of famous profile manufacturers home and abroad.


Cr12MoV quenching pultrusion 
Material Performance:
Cr12MoV moulding steel is a representive of high-carbon and high chromium moulding steel. So it has high permeability,high quenching,high abrasion resistance and deforms less. Because of its high quality and overall hardness, its fit for making regular FRP profile moulds with huge sections. Now companines home and abroad widely adopt nodular cast steel for the outer part of the mould and Cr12MoV steel for the inner core of the mould. It’s heavy、time&money wasting, but it’s hard to change shapes and has super stability. It’s popular with all customers.


40Cr intriding pultrusion moulds 

Material performance:
After high temprerature treatment、forging、tempering and destressing, it has fine mechanical performance, fine low temperature impact toughness.
High overall hardness, high finish, low pultrusion resistance. It’s fit for pultrusion of unsaturated resin and mass production within 40000 metres. After nitriding its hardness can reach HRC-55.



40Cr/S45C quenching pultrusion moulds
40Cr pultrusion moulds use the same raw material as Nitriding moulds,except for the different surface processing. Hard Chromium plating pultrusion moulds are widely used, and they almost can meet the demands of any pultrusion resin. However, due to the instability of electroplating, they have a shorter life. So they are fit for small batch production and special pultrusion moulds.
S45C moulding steel, as a heating moulding steel, is a common mould material. After its tempering and aging processing, it has bigger stability. This mould costs lower and can be finished within a shorter time, so it’s widely used by the manufacturers . They are manily used in FRP cable bridge and other lower precision-demaning and minor production products.


40Cr seamless overall pultrusion mould  
Processing technology:
1. After heat treatment, the cavity is plated with hard chromium.
2. Overall nitriding cavity mirror polishing.
Φ4、Φ5、Φ6、Φ6.3、Φ6.9、Φ7、Φ7.9、Φ8、Φ8.5、Φ10、Φ12、Φ20、Φ30、Φ40、Φ50、Φ120  The other shapes can be made according to the customers’ request.

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